Louisville KY, Beam's home.

About Beam

Beam Technologies is a leader in oral care digital health. Beam develops “daily touch” health technologies that people interact with to benefit their health & wellness. With the recognition that oral health is a key component to overall health, Beam’s mission is to enable people to better discover and understand these correlations in a connected and engaging way. Its flagship product, the Beam Brush, is the first connected toothbrush and aims to bring dentistry and oral care into the digital health age.

Beam Tech is a proud member of the 4th class at Rock Health, and was named as a Finalist for the 2012 CTIA Emerging Technologies Awards in Mobile Health.


Alex Frommeyer, Dan Dykes, and Alex Curry are the founding team of Beam Technologies based in Louisville, KY. Trained engineers, the Beam Team has strong experience creating and leading tech start-ups in the healthcare and device space. The group contains a uniquely diverse skill set in design engineering, IP creation, and brand development perfect for developing consumer health hardware products, along with a passion for digital health and what it can mean for both technology and healthcare.