Create Goals with Beam.

Why is Beam's data important to me?

Dental professionals have never had a window into the home care habits of their patients. A significant part of having great oral health is daily care, and the data to actually quantify activity in this space has never previously existed.

Patient Retention

The Beam Brush is a great way to further your relationship with your patients by opening up a communication channel between the two parties. As any dental professional knows , your relationship with your patients is critical to running a successful practice. Beam allows you to be the authority in the clinic... and in the home.

The Dreaded “Compliance” Conversation

No matter if the dentist, hygienist, or the assistant is the one having “the compliance conversation”, it does not need to be a contentious moment that both the patient and the practitioner hate. Instead, using
technology via the Beam app to better facilitate honest and upfront dialogue in the context of maintaining metrics or setting goals
for meaningful changes is now possible.

Profit Center

For those professionals that retail products in practice, placing the Beam Brush in the clinic shows your patients that you care about their home oral care. Selling top of the line, quality products is important, but showing your patients that you want to be engaged in their oral health in all phases is a key relationship building tool. Contact the Beam Team for more details.

Quality of Care

Ask your patients to send their brushing Report before their next cleaning (or at least bring in their so smartphone) so you or your staff can quickly review their data for progress and treatment planning guidance. Best of all, receiving reports from your patients is absolutely free!

Ortho & Pediatric Dentists

If you are an Orthodontist or a Pediatric dentist, you are especially aware of how important good, consistent oral care habits are for your patients. By encouraging the use of simple, engaging technology like the Beam Brush, you can better meet the unique needs of your patients.

Use the data…for fun!

Many practices have a monthly drawing for a prize; why not use the Beam Brush as the giveaway? Better yet, sponsor a “best brusher” contest and let your patients submit their brushing reports from the Beam Brush to reward your most consistent and compliant brushers.

Digital Dentistry at its finest

The Beam Brush ushers in a new era of “connected” oral care; by reselling the Beam Brush or working with your patients who use the App, your practice will feel more modern and progressive versus your peers. Join the digital age in oral care technology.

Tech is cool... and useful!

Technology is a great enabler for all people, and your patients are no different. Beam aims to actually change the way they think about their daily oral care, and as a practitioner, you need to be ready to evolve with it. As your patient base inevitably becomes increasingly tech-oriented, they will be interested in using new tools to better find, connect with, share with, --even pay-- you. Introducing gamification and making teeth brushing a more connected experience is a new, and valuable, perspective for them.